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Accounting Services


We provide services to meet your personal and business needs. Our goal is to help you grow and focus on generating income. It is our philosophy that being pro-active produces better results then being re-active. If you are looking for a company that thrives on thinking outside the box then we will be a great fit for you.

HTC ยป Accounting Services


We Can Do It All

We will be happy to work with your family and your accountant as a consultant by recommending strategies and working together to insure you will receive the desired benefit or reach your desired goal.


This is a task that simply should be left to the professionals, so you can spend your time turning profits for your company.

Payroll Services

Our payroll service will help ease the burden of managing payroll for your business.

Quickbook Access

HTC offers access to top of the line program, QuickBooks, at a discounted rate.

Tax Preparation

HTC takes an ACTIVE role when it comes to your tax planning.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

Getting to know you, what you are doing, and where you want to go. That is what is important to us.

Roadmap planning

Reaching your goal may require some changes such as the way something is owned, turning that hobby into a business, removing a distraction. We will help pave your road to success.

Execute & Monitor

Implementing the plan and remaining with you sets us apart from the crowd. We will be with you as your life changes, and we will help you navigate through those changes along with any bumps in the road you may encounter as you grow.

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